Amanda Grace
December 15, 2016 5:41 pm
John Lamparski / Getty / Gary Gershoff / Getty

Khloé Kardashian is one of our favorite women spearheading the body positive movement. The fashion designer and reality TV star recently opened up to Health Magazine about all aspects of her life and struggles. She even shared a sweet comment about our favorite supermodel, Ashley Graham, because they are both leading beauty the industry and tearing down those unecessary standards.

We are so proud and inspired by Khloé and we’re glad she’s letting us come along with her on her journey to a strong, healthy body.

There are so many mixed messages in the media that can hurt young women’s self-esteem. The way KoKo sees it is that “plus-size” doesn’t have to mean someone is unhealthy. And, honestly, we need all of the positive role models we can get, so that future generations are healthy and happy in the bodies they’re in!

That’s why we’re in the same boat as the reality star when she gushed about one of the most empowering models out there, Ashley Graham!

Khloé has also taken to social media to spread the love for our girl, Ashley! We love seeing such positive role models bonding together and fighting for equal representation in modeling and entertainment.

The feeling is mutual as Ashley used her guest co-host spot on The Talk this August to respond to Khloé’s critics by saying:

She added:

Khloé gushed about Ashley earlier this year when speaking to Glamour Magazine:

She also commented on how size should not correlate to happiness, something that is often blatantly misrepresented.

We just love that these two women are empowering each other and the rest of us to embrace our bodies and live life to the fullest! These two celebs are #GOALS!