What is going on???

Olivia Harvey
Mar 19, 2021 @ 11:31 am
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Khloé...your Photoshop is showing. Fans are calling out Khloé Kardashian yet again for uploading a weirdly edited photo of herself modeling one of the new bikini sets from her brand Good American.

"Either the proportions are out of wack of I'm drunk," one person commented on Kardashian's March 17th Instagram post. Someone else wrote, "Sorry boo but u [didn't photoshop] so good on your right side.

Another wrote, "Am I the only one that thinks her stomach looks weird just asking." And another follower added, "So unrealistic."

And Twitter wasn't holding back either. Twitter users were questioning the odd curves of her neck and knees, as well as the size of her head compared to the rest of her body.

Kardashian didn't respond to these comments and concerns. In fact, she already did so when she released images from her Good American shoe line back in February. "We shot on a camera lens that creates a stretching effect," Kardashian shot back at people calling her out for the off-putting edits in the shoe campaign.

The top comments, however, on the Good American post are still those who wrote, "... I ... I'm confused," and "Who cleared this photoshop," despite her explanation.

The other photos Kardashian posted from the swimwear line do not feature the stretch effect used in multiple shots of the shoe photoshoot, which leaves fans to question if the strange proportions can be blamed on artsy camerawork.

The Good American swim line is currently live on the brand's website and boasts designs in sizes XS to 5XL. So although we always have to take a Kardashian sister's Instagram post with a grain of salt knowing that some Photoshop may be at play, we can't argue that Good American's size range is simply fantastic.