Karen Belz
December 23, 2016 8:00 am

Kesha’s had a rough few years. After being stuck in a contract that had her working with a producer who constantly tore her down, Kesha is “crying happy tears” over her new music. According to the singer, she has about 22 songs that she’s getting ready to release, and is working with people who are only helping her grow creatively.

It’s been awhile since the singer worked so hard on new music. A majority of her past releases were with Kemosabe Records producer Dr. Luke, who she claimed drugged and raped her, and put her through the emotional gauntlet during the process. Obviously fearing her her own safety, Kesha went public with the allegations, and support for her poured in.

Based on this new Instagram image, it’s obvious that Kesha is ready to make 2017 her best year yet.

We’re so happy that she’s finally able to move forward, and do what she loves. (And we seriously can’t wait to hear this mystery duet!)

While we all found Kesha’s story to be incredibly heartbreaking, she’s still so thankful for all of the support she’s had during this difficult time.

We’d never think of abandoning Kesha or anyone who seeks help in a time of distress. And we know that through Kesha’s powerful music, she’ll be reaching out to so many people who have found themselves in similar situations. Hopefully they’ll be inspired by the singer, and realize that they’re not alone. Since if this case has any shred of good in it, it’s the fact that it proved we’re all in this together.