Trilby Beresford
August 18, 2016 11:03 am

As Kesha fans know, the singer’s traumatic legal battle against former producer Dr. Luke   has taken its toll on the singer. Coming forward with accusations of rape and sexual assault is never easy, and we genuinely can’t imagine how much harder it must be to go through it all in the public eye.

After recently dropping the charges against Dr. Luke, Kesha took to Instagram to post a combo pic of herself with adoring fans, thanking them for sticking by her through this overwhelming stress. 

Her message is beautiful, obviously coming from a very real and very emotional place. “The thing I have learned is that we are not meant to go through this life alone. The most important thing is the people you love. I don’t know if I could have made it through these past couple years without my animals. You all are so important to me and I’m so grateful for your love and support.

But of course! Why wouldn’t we be supportive? Kesha is a hugely talented performer who’s known for being absolutely wonderful to her fans (like when she shows up to Coachella and gives surprise shows).

What goes around comes around, and there’s a whole lotta love in the Kesha camp. It hurts our hearts that Kesha had to get here after such a painful ordeal, but we’re definitely here for support. Love you, Kesha!