Becca Rose
September 02, 2017 11:33 am
Monica Schipper/WireImage

Have you heard Kesha’s new album yet? It’s some powerful, amazing music. And it’s also super catchy! It’s definitely some of her best work yet. This is a great moment for Kesha, especially considering all the legal battles she’s been through in the past few years. Her new album Rainbow hit number one on the charts in its debut week. That has to feel amazing.

Her songwriting and singing are at a level we’ve never heard from her before, which is awesome. Kesha’s busy on the road doing promo for the album, but she made time to add to her ink collection with some new finger tattoos. They’ve got a special meaning.

Kesha got the words “Live Free” tattooed across her fingers. Her life in the last few years has not been the easiest, as she is involved in ongoing court cases against her record label head, Dr. Luke. The alleged abuse and control she says she lived through has some effect on her latest songs. But her new album overall is incredibly positive, with anthems like “Learn to Let Go” leading Kesha on to her next chapter.

The choice to tattoo “live free” on her hands is a bold one.

But then again, Kesha’s always been bold. It’s a beautiful reminder that she has chosen to live free. The phrase fits in with her new outlook on life. It matches the spirit of her new songs, too. The lyrics from “Learn to Let Go” fit so well with her new tattoo:

Having “live free” tattooed on her body seems like Kesha’s reminder to herself to follow her own advice. And that’s beautiful.