Alyssa Thorne
Updated September 08, 2016 10:29 am
Getty Images/Jason Merritt

Let’s just start this off by saying Kerry Washington should name her baby “Olivia” so she grows up to be a political QUEEN and all around badass like Washington’s TV persona. We feel very strongly about that and needed to get it off of our collective chest(s). But actually, for all we know, Olivia is on Kerry Washington’s list, because in an interview with Ellen Degeneres, she admitted that although she and her husband have names in mind, they aren’t going to share them with us!

Except for the names “Ellen” and “Portia” which Kerry Washington told Ellen were at the top of her list, of course. We’re HERE for that.

Although we do worry it’d get a little confusing on set, since Portia de Rossi is on Scandal with Washington. So maybe Ellen is the best bet, then.

The Scandal star also divulged in the interview, as transcribed by People, that even though she’s heavily pregnant…

Scandal has been shooting as normal, even though her character, Olivia Pope, is definitely not pregnant. How have they been getting away with it?

“Big coats, big bags . . . hiding behind different body parts of other actors.”

New drinking game — every time you notice Olivia hiding behind a strategically placed limb or ficus, take a shot. Check out the full interview with Ellen below!