We love a wild fashion statement, especially when it allows us to skip a getting-dressed step. This is even better as the temperatures start heating up and we can’t deal with even the idea of layers.

Shoes as pants is a newer thing, but how can we not be about it when Kendall Jenner is rocking waist-high boots like a champ? (Topless, because who needs a shirt when you have that much bottom fabric anyway?)

And these aren’t just any boots. No, they’re shiny, satin, bright-orange stilettos by Vetements x Manolo Blahnik, with a 5-inch heels with price tag of $4,590.

As the Net-a-porter listing points out, Rihanna is a fan of these boots too, having posed in them last August.

Notice how Kendall is totally taking her styling cue from the singer, folding one leg down. Because apparently that is how you wear these boots, and we are not asking questions because these women are both fashion queens.

The listing even has the model sporting this style, guys, so it’s officially a thing.


It seems like it was inevitable for Kendall to snag a pair of these kicks for herself, as sister Kim Kardashian was spotted in a chic black pair in February during New York Fashion Week.

Credit: Marc Piasecki / Getty Images

Here’s a close-up of Kim’s pair, because sometimes, we get what you wish for.

Credit: Pierre Suu / Getty Images

This isn’t the first time Kendall has given a fashion nod to Rihanna. In October, she shared a photo of herself draped in a heart-shaped, $15,000 fluffy red cape Rih made famous the previous month, sarcastically captioning it, “Low key look.”

Whether she’s putting together a look completely of her own or spinning one she has been inspired from, we’ll keep checking Kendall’s social media for all the gorgeous outfits we can only dream of wearing.