Since Kendall Jenner and her model crew have emerged onto the supermodel scene, the high-fashion beauties have become true #squadgoals. In particular, Kendall and pal Gigi Hadid are snapped so often together, in so many gorgeous photos, that they seem like they go way back. But it's really Gigi's sister, Bella, who has known Kendall forever. The two have been friends for years. Like, the kind of friends who hung out at each other's houses after school — way before they ever started modeling.

Go figure!

Considering both families hail from the Los Angeles area and that Bella, 20, Kendall, 21, and Gigi, 22, are all *so* close in age, it's no surprise that they ran in the same circles as teenagers.

Credit: Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)

As you probably already know, nowadays Ms. Jenner and the Hadid sisters still run in the same professional circles. They've all lent their gorgeous faces to everything from the likes of the Victoria's Secret runway to the hallowed pages of Vogue. In her podcast session with Testino, Kendall talked about how much she enjoys shooting with Bella and the rest of her model #BFFs. In fact, it seems there's really only one thing that gets on KJ's nerves when it comes to photoshoots.

"I don't get to be hot very often. I love going like, sexual, because I don't get to do it," she told Testino. "I love being transformed. Everyone always wants to make me myself. Because not only am I a model but I guess have a name too, so they get confused, they don't know how to use me."

Well Kendall, we're here to support you in whatever you want to do next, and we're sure Bella and Gigi are right there with us!