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Hold up. Kendall Jenner just moved out of her old house, bought a new one, and became neighbors with none other than Jimmy freakin’ Kimmel. We can only imagine the nonsensical fun that’s going to ensure. The two shared their newfound bonding on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and they covered all the most important things about being new neighbors, from cooking each other dinner to cleaning each other’s houses and, of course, keeping each other safe.

“When I moved in, my mom was super nervous about me moving into a home by myself or whatever,” Jenner said. “And I was like, ‘No, it’s okay! Because Jimmy Kimmel lives right across the street. Maybe if anything ever goes down he’ll save my life.”

“I’m the captain of the neighborhood watch!” Kimmel joked. “If you ever have any trouble, don’t worry. I will shuffle down in my underpants and take care of whatever is going on.”

BRB, dying. The mental image we’re getting right now of Jimmy Kimmel running across the street to Kendall Jenner’s house in his underwear to rescue her from like, a spider, is too, too good.

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We just can’t wait to see the two posting selfies and bonding even more. Do we sense new celeb BFFs? We think yes.

Watch the video below!