Alyssa Thorne
Updated Jan 13, 2017 @ 5:52 am
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You’d think that by the year 2017, we’d be done wasting our time critiquing women’s appearances and passing judgment on them, but nope. After deleting her social media, Kendall Jenner appeared on a livestream with Kylie, and for some reason, her appearance sparked an instant media storm about whether or not Kendall Jenner had gotten facial reconstructive surgery and lip injections in her time off of social media. Even by internet standards, this rumor is bizarre, because as Kendall just clarified, all that changed…was her makeup.

When asked about the most upsetting rumor she’d seen spread about her, Kendall opened up about the strange experience in a post on her blog.

It makes us really sad to think that on a day when Kendall felt beautiful, she got attacked — it’s hard as a woman in a world with a ridiculous and endless set of ~beauty standards~ to feel happy with YOU, and it’s horrible that Kendall was taken down in such a way. She elaborated:

We hope that despite people being cruel at times, Kendall can find a way to win.