Emily Baines
Updated Dec 10, 2016 @ 11:13 am
Credit: Erik Umphery / Getty Images

Singer Kelly Rowland has her hands full with a busy music career and a small son. And in a recent interview with People, Kelly Rowland described her son Titan’s friendship with Blue Ivy. Of course, when you’re young, your friendships are dictated by your parents. Nonetheless, according to Kelly Rowland, her son and Beyoncé’s daughter have quite the strong friendship!

Considering how seriously Beyoncé takes being a mother, we are not surprised that she has raised a daughter who other children want to befriend. Frankly, we want to befriend Blue Ivy, too! (Have you seen her adorable Halloween costumes?)

Kelly Rowland said this about her son and Blue Ivy’s relationship:

That’s so sweet! Kelly Rowland, remember, was a member of Destiny’s Child along with Beyoncé and Michelle Williams. The two grew up together, and we’re pumped to hear they’re still close friends.

Look how happy the two starlets are to be together!

Credit: Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

So much has changed since the two were fledgling pop stars! Both are mothers now, and both have incredibly successful careers. We can’t wait to watch the relationship between their children develop into just as close a friendship!