“I do not lie, but thank you for the compliment.”

Emily Weaver
May 26, 2021 @ 11:38 am
Kelly Osbourne
Credit: Ethan Miller, Getty Images

Kelly Osbourne wants to make one thing clear—she did not recently get plastic surgery. The reality star, who's always been very upfront about what's going on in her life, took to Instagram to clear up any confusion about the cosmetic work she's had done, particularly as it relates to her face. Spoiler alert: She's had a few injections done here and there, which she pointed out.

"Good morning, everyone!" Osbourne said in a cheery tone in her video posted on May 25th. "I'm currently in hair and makeup right now. I just want to bring up a topic that you guys are talking about because I'm always really honest and really upfront about what I've done to my body and who I am," she continued. 

"I have not had plastic surgery. I have never done anything to my face other than a couple of injections in my lips, in my jaw, and in my forehead here," she explained and demonstrated by pointing to said areas. 

She concluded her video saying, “I do not lie, but thank you for the compliment."

Osbourne prides herself on being extremely honest and real with her followers, which explains her cheeky "let's squash these rumors!!!" video. 

Just last year, she sat down with Hollywood Raw podcasts hosts Dax Holt and Adam Glyn and opened up about her 85-pound weight loss journey, including her gastric sleeve surgery.

"I had surgery; I don't give a fuck what anyone has to say. I did it, I'm proud of it, they can suck shit. I did the gastric sleeve. All it does is change the shape of your stomach. I got that almost two years ago. I will never ever ever lie about it ever. It is the best thing I have ever done."

There's nothing wrong with choosing to get Botox injections or a little bit of lip filler if that's what you want for yourself. For some people, it's just another form of self-care.

Even if Osbourne did get plastic surgery, it's up to her. People questioning any work she's had done aren't owed an answer one way or the other. What some don't realize is that not only does your face shape change when your weight changes—as Osbourne's has over the years—but it also changes with age. Plus, makeup can do a lot in contouring your face.

Osbourne's now responded to all the questions, so let's just move on, okay?