Briana Hansen
Updated Jul 20, 2016 @ 11:52 am
Credit: Kelly_Clarkson/Twitter

We already knew and loved Kelly Clarkson as both a singer and a mother (not to mention a successful children’s book author as well). But seeing her in her element with two beautiful children has been almost as exciting as seeing her meteoric career flourish throughout the past decade and a half.

With every adorable post and glowing status update, she’s shared with us some of the most beautiful and precious moments in her growing family’s lives.

But now, somehow, she’s outdone herself with the cute pictures again and we are loving it.

In a recent tweet, she shared a picture of her young daughter River holding her tiny new son Remy. While we already were lucky enough to see a few pics of the little guy, this new picture will basically make your heart explode from joy.

The gentle look of pure love coming from her beautiful daughter’s face is enough to melt you completely into the ground. But then add the wide-eyed, happy wonder that exudes from her son’s eyes and, well…


We can already see the overwhelming amount of love between these two (and it’s making us feel all the feels there are to feel).