jessica tholmer
October 14, 2017 8:19 am
Santiago Felipe / Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images

Kelly Clarkson can already do no wrong, and now we can confirm her taste is exceptional. Clarkson gushed about her crush on Gal Gadot, because obviously. Between Gadot’s empowering messages about feminism and her recent makeout sesh with Kate McKinnon on SNL, we/the internet can’t keep it together. Gadot is everything, and if Clarkson agrees, it only makes the crush more real.

Clarkson couldn’t help but gush about Wonder Woman. At Variety‘s Power of Women event, Clarkson presented while Gadot watched on from the front row. Clarkson was so nervous, she could barely hold it together.

And, right? Anytime we see Gadot on a television screen, we have a similar reaction. We can’t even imagine seeing her in person, just a few feet in front of us.

Clarkson went on to describe how important Gadot’s interpretation of Wonder Woman was to her daughter, River Rose, particularly in comparison to some other figures in stories. Though Disney Princesses are great, Clarkson’s daughter is only three years old. Wonder Woman seemed to resonate better with her.

Clarkson also a joked about how seemingly perfect Gadot is.

We totally understand. Gadot is incredible, and her interpretation of Wonder Woman had a huge effect on all of us — regardless of age.

It’s adorable to see Clarkson fangirl out.

And just for the record, Kelly Clarkson has been a superhero in her own right for years. Humor, a powerhouse voice, and strong feminist values? Yes, please.

Can we get a Clarkson cameo in the next Wonder Woman movie or what?