Picture of Kelly Clarkson Black Dress
Credit: Jeffrey Mayer / Getty Images

The most beautiful thing to witness is a woman who loves herself exactly the way she is. During a recent interview with Refinery29, Meaning of Life singer Kelly Clarkson shared some advice that helped her get to where she is today. It’s so good, everyone can apply it to their own lives.

Despite the plethora of talented female musicians and their empowering songs, the entertainment industry is extremely male-dominated. We often hear stories of men in executive positions taking advantage of women, the harsh realities of inequality, and other tough truths that exist in the industry.

When asked if she could give advice to young women who are trying to break into such an industry, Clarkson replied with powerful words that really hit home.

We love her advice.

The married mother of four just released her latest album, Meaning of Life. And according to Clarkson, it’s safe to say that this is the ultimate breakup album; her contract with American Idol ended and her creative freedom is evident throughout the whole record.

There’s a wisdom that reveals itself in Clarkson’s newest body of work.

Meaning of Life was definitely worth the wait.