Karen Belz
October 16, 2017 12:12 pm

If you’re currently single and a little bummed about it, you may want to listen up. Katy Perry credits being single to professionally accomplishing a lot more. The singer is balancing a ton of stuff right now — for example, her massive tour and the upcoming American Idol reboot which she’ll serve as a judge alongside Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie. And as she seems to be handling the workload flawlessly, we’re kind of glad someone asked about it. We could always use a good productivity tip.

In the past, Perry has been linked to celebrities like Orlando Bloom and John Mayer.

Back in 2009, she dated Travis McCoy and subtly noted to MTV that breaking up helped her gain a little bit of focus in her professional life.

So, it sounds like Perry often uses being single as a way to handle more in her professional life. We think that’s a pretty solid tactic, and think it’s cool that she seems to view it in a positive light.

Perry also told Entertainment Tonight that her American Idol work has been a bit easier, since Richie and Bryan are pulling a lot of weight. You’ll be able to catch up with all three talented judges when the show starts up in 2018.