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Updated Nov 25, 2016 @ 8:48 am
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Everyone has their own unique way of celebrating Thanksgiving. Some of us visit our parents and get into loud political arguments. Others throw fancy dinner parties. If you are Katy Perry, you wear matching pajamas with Orlando Bloom. In fact, the whole Perry family clan wore matching pajamas, making for epic holiday adorableness.

That’s right, even though Katy Perry has been very honest about the wide divide between her and her parents’ political beliefs, they still had a loving, fun-filled Thanksgiving. It seems Katy Perry took her own “how to survive Thanksgiving” advice! And though Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom only made their romance Instagram official six months ago, the two seem to be deeply in love. So in love they don’t mind hanging out in their pajamas all day!

Katy Perry documented their plaid festivities on Instagram!

First, Katy Perry greeted her fans with a casual “Hi Internet.” In this photo, Orlando Bloom can be seen holding a smiling baby.

Credit: Instagram

Later, she took a selfie with her brother-in-law (and chef)

Credit: Instagram

And then she spoke some serious #truth

She made the most adorable comment, “You don’t choose your family but I can’t quit em now.”

Credit: Instagram

Despite rumors that the power couple had broken up, it seems the two are stronger than ever. After all, it takes a strong couple to manage the intricate dance of a family holiday. (Someone is always offended by someone. It’s almost as much a tradition as carving turkey.) And yet, the couple appear happier than ever.

Katy Perry also spent the holiday promoting causes close to her heart. At some point during the festivities, she tweeted about the conflict at Standing Rock:

For the singer, even a national holiday is no excuse to ignore those less fortunate. And in a way, isn’t that what Thanksgiving is all about? Being thankful for your loved ones while simultaneously being aware of those who might need our help? We are inspired by Katy Perry’s ability to think of others while simultaneously having fun with her loved ones.