Credit: Disney | ABC Television Group/Flickr Creative Commons

We’re no stranger to compulsively scrolling Katy Perry’s Instagram account (remember earlier this week when she filmed her self chugging sprinkles in slow motion? We’ll never forget). And today we woke up to an awesomely adorable treat — all the way from Shanghai Disney!

Perry seems to have found her equal in another. And how did she know you ask?! Because he was wearing Mickey Mouse socks to her Minnie Mouse socks! Freaking awww!

Who is this mysterio? We unfortunately don’t know. It could be anyone from some super lucky stranger to her Insta-official and newly blond boyfriend, Orlando Bloom. Also, why is she in Shanghai? We can only assume for some much needed vacation (but can’t confirm it’s not also for work).

But until we have the answers, we’ll satisfy ourselves with the fact that she has music on the way that is sure to be amazing.

Oh, and with gorging ourselves on more Insta pics of course.

Love ya Katy — and post more from Shanghai Disney soon please!