Karen Belz
October 13, 2017 1:33 pm

Since she’s been in the spotlight for quite some time, we’re sure she’s seen everything on tour. Even so, we’ve got a feeling Katy Perry won’t forget the proposal that happened during her show at Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn this past Wednesday. During the show, a fan named Katie proposed to her girlfriend Becky. It was a memorable day for a few reasons — not only was it Becky’s birthday, but the day marked National Coming Out Day, which was founded back in 1988.

The proposal was so monumental that fans couldn’t help but take video of the big moment. Perry herself included some of the footage through Instagram Stories. In the videos, you can see that Perry had a big part in how it all went down.

Kudos to Katie for being such a natural on stage. If we popped the question in front of Perry and an audience that big, we’d surely feel a little anxious.

Of course, Becky said yes.

Seeing all three women on stage, so happy about what just happened, just makes our day — this is a moment none of them will ever forget. Perhaps “DJ Katy Perry” can make an appearance at the couple’s wedding. (Okay, so that probably won’t happen, but surely a song or two of hers will make it onto the reception playlist!)