Trilby Beresford
Updated October 20, 2017 8:50 am

Even the most experienced performers deal with technical malfunctions on stage sometimes. We just heard that Katy Perry got stuck midair during a concert in Tennessee, and she turned what could have been an awkward moment into a highlight of the show.

Here’s how it went down: Perry was perched on a giant, flying mini-stage hovering in the air over the crowd. When suddenly the stage froze, trapping her in place. However, like the professional she is, Perry didn’t skip a beat. She told the audience she was stuck, and then laughingly told them to get out their phones, because this was a “YouTube” moment.

And thankfully, there’s video footage of the moment.

Is Katy Perry a pro or what?

In case you were wondering, everything ended up being okay. The platform did eventually lower Perry to the ground (without squashing anyone), and she jumped off right into the audience, strutting back to the stage to finish the show.

Yup, that’s the girl we know and love.

And the fans were there for every minute of it. false

We’re glad that Perry is safe and sound after this incident. Keep killing it on tour, girl!