The past week, we’ve seen how far some paparazzi will go in order to get a story. Both Ariel Winter and Bella Hadid recently clapped back against inappropriate paparazzi behavior. But Katy Perry has a genius hack for avoiding paparazzi altogether, nipping the invasion of privacy problem in the bud.

She sat down with The New York Timesto promote her latest album, “Witness.” Perry told the publication that she likes to frustrate the paparazzi by repeatedly wearing the same Adidas tracksuit in order to make their photos less sellable.

Not only is this a brilliant celebrity hack, but it’s also SO funny-girl Katy Perry.

Perry just recently (willingly) put herself under 96 hours of constant surveillance as part of her “Witness” press tour. She rigged her house with Big Brother-like cameras and live streamed her life for her fans via YouTube.

According to the Times, Perry used her live stream to spread the word of “unity and communication.” She’s currently undergoing a transition in her personal life and career and finding that she’s growing more, and learning more, each day.

And although she’s under constant surveillance — either by her own doing, or by those pesky paparazzi — Perry still feels liberated. Her recent change and growth has opened her up and has let her get in touch with her true self.

We’re all for growth and change, Katy! But don’t change out of that tracksuit. We think that’s perfect just the way it is!