Credit: Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Ain’t no party like a Katy Perry party, cause a Katy Perry party don’t stop! On Saturday, Katy Perry’s 1950s themed birthday party and it was all sock-hop and big hair. Because really, why stop at just Halloween when you can toss in your birthday to keep things going? We honestly do not know where to begin because this party looked major, coming in a close second to actress and Perry BFF Kate Hudson’s Halloween party earlier this weekend.

After seeing Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom dressed as the Clintons at Kate Hudson’s Halloween shindig, we did not think it could get any better, but this is Katy Perry we are talking about. Since the theme was the 1950s, Perry threw the event in make believe Hudson High, Home of the Poodles and of course she was Principal Hudson (because that’s her birth name, ICYMI). The school she envisioned rivaled Rydell High with a floor length game of Twister, an Elvis impersonator and no party is complete with out Marilyn Monroe and what looked like to be a trio of singers to emulate The Supremes.

Covergirl was even a sponsor of the event, so the hair and makeup game was strong, as it always is when it comes to Perry.

Also we have to get a full look of Cara Delevingne outfit. This girl is seriously is pulling off stripes better than any mafia boss could.

Obviously Hudson High could not escape having the resident popular guy/jock on the dance floor and in this case Orlando Bloom stepped up in a big way. Check these blonde locks.

Even if being the most studious girl in school is a source of some major pride, who wouldn’t suffer few a few after-school detentions to get in on Perry and Hudson’s crew? Perry’s friend (who she shares an IRL name with, which is pretty baller) showed up in a graphic floor-length skirt, bandanna like headband, and Marc Jacobs leather jacket, taking the Pink Ladies look to a whole new level. You can keep your Letterman jackets boys, she’s got her own.

Long live the maxi skirt.

How do we get in on this?

We’re all about getting the best education possible and staying focused, but if we had to teleport ourselves to Katy Perry’s sock hop world, we’d be there in a hot second. Sign us up for detention, because this party is worth it.