Alexis Dent
November 26, 2016 1:07 pm
C Flanigan/Getty Images

Just when you thought Katie Holmes couldn’t get any more down to Earth, she shocked us by doing just that. Instead of being like typical celebrities and avoiding public places like the plague, Katie did the exact opposite when she went back to her Ohio hometown for the first big holiday of the season. In fact, the one and only Katie Holmes went to Dave & Busters with her family to celebrate Thanksgiving! Don’t believe us? Her Instagram profile says it all. Check out Katie putting on a serious game face as she plays some basketball at the gaming super center:

That wasn’t the only photo that Katie Holmes shared of her time at Dave & Buster’s. There is tons of photo evidence that Katie and her fam had a wonderful time playing games, having drinks, and kicking off the holiday season.

And you better believe that Suri was in on the action too! Rocking a pink bow and clear determination, apparently she even beat her mom at some of the games!

Nothing says family bonding like some good old fashioned competition, right?

The looks on everyone’s faces says it all: Katie Holmes and her crew clearly had a fabulous time playing games and enjoying precious quality time with one another. Hitting up Dave & Buster’s wasn’t the only thing that Katie did while back home in Toledo, though. Peeling apples (probs for some yummy apple pie) with her parents and making homemade stuffing also kept the A-lister busy. This isn’t the first time that Katie gave us a sneak preview of her life via Insta, and as usual she didn’t disappoint.

It’s nice to see her clear her schedule for some self-care in the form of arcade nights and family time. Who would have thought that Holmes would enjoy playing giant video games and hanging in the midst of all us regular folks? We already knew Katie was cool, but now we love her more than ever. (Next time, throw an invite our way, girl!) In the meantime, it’s official: Katie Holmes is all of us.