Karen Fratti
April 29, 2017 2:36 pm

Moms are *so* embarrassing, even celeb moms. Like Katie Holmes, who posted a throwback pic of Suri, her daughter with Tom Cruise, to Instagram on Saturday. It’s actually super sweet, but one day, we have a feeling Suri is going to take issue with the toddler bob/Beatles-style bowl cut her mom gave her back in the day.

Holmes posted the picture with the caption, “my light,” which sort of makes up for the embarrassing haircut. Hey, we’ve all had at least one or two cuts like this in our lives, right? The glowing smile on little Suri’s face in the picture leads us to believe that she’ll have a good attitude about it all.

Holmes and Suri seem like they’re very, very close; they’re often spotted out and about together in both New York City and Los Angeles. Earlier this spring, Holmes even shared a picture of Suri that made some fans do a double take — because they look exactly alike.

But just because Holmes is one of Hollywood’s most elite, and there are pictures of her and her daughter (and Suri’s dad) all over the internet, doesn’t mean that Suri doesn’t deserve a “regular” childhood. Holmes said recently that one of her priorities is keeping it real.

It has to be crazy hard raising a daughter while also being trailed by the paps, but it seems like Holmes is doing a darn good job making sure Suri knows what’s up.

Suri recently celebrated her 11th birthday, and if that makes you feel a little old, pictures from her birthday party should perk you right up. The tween celebrated with not just one, but three whole birthday cakes. Before that, Holmes and Suri hung out at the beach over Easter and had some QT with her older cousins.

Between all the cakes she can eat, good family time, and a mom who adores her, Suri Cruise is obviously living her best life. Even if she had a regrettable toddler bob back in the day. Celebs, they’re just like us, right?