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November 29, 2017 2:30 pm

A 2012 video in which Katie Couric said Matt Lauer “pinches me on the ass a lot” resurfaced Wednesday after Lauer was fired by NBC due to accusations of sexual misconduct.

“He pinches me on the ass a lot,” Couric told Andy Cohen in a 2012 interview during a segment called “Plead the Fifth” on Watch What Happens Live, when asked what Lauer’s most annoying habit was. Multiple news outlets published video of the interview Wednesday.

“Wow, I wouldn’t have a problem with that,” Cohen said in response. “Katie Couric did not plead the fifth.”

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Couric and Lauer were co-anchors on Today from 1997 to 2006, when Couric departed the show. Lauer was fired on Wednesday due to a complaint of “inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace.”

Couric has not yet commented publicly about news of Lauer’s firing. Lauer, who has been a Today anchor for 20 years, is the latest high-profile figure to be fired following accusations of sexual misconduct in recent weeks.

Watch the clip below: