Karen Belz
February 15, 2017 6:17 am

Want to hear about an unlikely celebrity friendship? It turns out that Katherine Heigl and John Mayer have known each other for quite some time — and by chatting with him, Heigl actually got a bit of insight on her relationship with now-husband Josh Kelley, who she married back in 2007.

Heigl appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden to discuss how it all went down.

Love aside, he still had quite an impact on her. Watch and see how he helped influence what turned into an extremely strong relationship.

Again, did you know that they were just friends?

Heigl emphasizes this point, since she might have just lead Josh Kelley to believe otherwise.

Heigl, who was a month in with her relationship with Kelley, made it look like she was interested in Mayer to seal the deal with her now-husband. Tricky, but hey — it worked. And it seems like Mayer had no idea. In his mind, he was just catching up with a totally platonic buddy.

Is it wrong? Well, no. In Heigl’s mind, pretending to see Mayer “put a fire” under Kelley to make it official. Really, it’s actually pretty smart. That in-between stage of relationships, where you’re not sure where you stand, can get pretty irritating.

These days, Kelley and Heigl are extremely secure with three beautiful children. No word on whether or not she still chats with John Mayer on occasion, but we’re guessing he’d at least have a good laugh over Heigl’s side of the story.