Karen Belz
Updated Sep 21, 2016 @ 7:59 am
Credit: Jerod Harris / Getty Images

Katherine Heigl is about to add another child to her family of four, and has no problem displaying her bump on Instagram. She’s also decided to share a little advice to other mothers-to-be, especially those who are interested in staying fit and active.

What an amazing picture. And, it’s great to know that Heigl is incorporating fitness in her pregnancy!

This is actually Heigl’s first pregnancy that she’s shared — her daughters Naleigh, who’s seven, and Adalaide, a precious four-year-old, were adopted by Heigl and her husband Josh Kelley.

These cuties will make wonderful big sisters, for sure.

Heigl, who is already in love with her future child (I mean, do you see that pic?) admitted that after finding out she was pregnant, she did what many do, and used it as an excuse to pig out. But technically, the “eating for two” phrase isn’t quite healthy.

Credit: Universal Pictures / giphy.com

To combat this, she used the app EatingWell, which she refers to as being like her own “personal nutritionist.”

It’s definitely great that Heigl shared her favorites and gave some wonderful tips. But the best thing of all is that Heigl is looking so healthy and happy. We can’t wait to see her bump progress in the months ahead, and we hope the next few months are wonderful for her!