Christina Pellegrini
August 13, 2016 1:11 pm
Place2Be via Getty Images

Did you do a double take during the women’s road race in Rio last weekend, thinking you saw Kate Middleton?

Frederic Stevens/Getty Images

We don’t blame you, because we did the same thing. Olympic cyclist Pauline Ferrand-Prevost looks very, very similar to the British princess, if Kate went a bit bleached.

Daniel Kalisz/Getty Images

Here are all the ways in which these two look like they were separated at birth:

1. That charming smile with perfect teeth.

2. The nearly identical twinkling, heavily-lashed, almond-shaped eyes…

3. …not to mention the perfectly manicured brows.


Sure, their noses are slightly different shapes (but equally as cute, we’d like to add), and Pauline’s hair is a bit fairer. But otherwise, these two women could be twins. Can you believe they’re a full decade apart in age?

Place2Be via Getty Image
Place2Be via Getty Images

Of course, Olympian Pauline, age 24, won’t be outdone by her royal sister from another mister — she has her own long list of accolades. According to PEOPLE, she’s the first person to hold the World Road title, World Cyclo-Cross title and World Mountain Bike title at the same time.

When it comes to #twinning, these two get the gold medal!