Karen Belz
Updated October 13, 2017 11:11 am

It must be hard having celebrities as parents. Before her own star rose, Kate Hudson said Goldie Hawn broke up a party she held as a teenager. That’s somewhat common, but in this case, Hawn was wearing lingerie at the time.

Hudson revealed that Hawn was a bit too cool about it when she told the story last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Her brother Oliver was in on it too, and it’s just kind of nice hearing that the two of them were pretty close back then, as well.

But as it turns out, Hawn was still in the neighborhood.

Hudson noted that her mom was “in a negligee,” which made the moment even weirder. She said her mom looked around like she would in a movie, but then pulled a pretty unexpected move.

Hawn won some points with Hudson’s friends after that. And while we’re sure there was way more to her parenting than playing the role of “cool mom” at parties, we have to agree — having the legendary Goldie Hawn make an unexpected entrance in a negligee would make it the best party ever.