If you were just thinking that you don’t hear from this actress enough, you’re about to get a double dose! Yup, Kate Beckinsale’s daughter is her mini-me in coordinating bikini snaps, and there are no complaints from our end.

18- year-old Lily and her mom are seriously competing with Reese Witherspoon and her daughter Ava for the uncanny mother-daughter look-a-like team (but there’s room for everyone!). We love how they’re flaunting their gorgeous beach selves and confidence. Also, we’re kinda jealous that they’re having fun in the sun right now!

Here’s a great selfie from Kate Beckinsale:

And here’s Lily on the beautiful beach with white sand and clear skies:

Ummmmmm. Jealous much? (Also, LOVE that humorous caption: “Really busy day.”

Even though Lily is only a teen, her social media pages are full of travel, friends, and super amazing experiences. She also has a few acting credits under her belt — so perhaps she’ll follow in her mom and dad’s footsteps (her dad is actor Michael Sheen).

First things first, it seems as though Lily will be heading to college in the fall (as evidence by her mom’s incredibly proud and enthusiastic Insta post from a few months back):

Now, more evidence of Kate and Lily twinning? You got it.

Talk about photogenic. Lily has definitely inherited some strong genes, not to mention that lucious brown hair!

Anytime you guys want to post pics, we’ll be here to scoop them up (twinning or not!). Happy Tuesday!