Devan McGuinness
January 13, 2017 1:22 pm

We’re big fans of The Late Late Show with James Corden because he always seems to know exactly what we need for a laugh and he always nails it. We’re fans of so many of his sketches, and his latest, a soap opera featuring Bryan Cranston and Jessica Biel, fed our love of song, celebs, and definitely made us laugh.

Last night during his show, Corden was joined by Bryan Cranston, Jessica Biel, and Giovanni Ribisi where the three men confess their love for Biel but they could only use words completely comprised of Kanye West lyrics. Of course, the wedding scene sketch was the perfect scene for West lyrics from his most popular songs including “Fade,” “Heartless,” and “Gold Digger.”

During the show, Biel and Cranston played a couple about to get married when Corden busts into the room to profess his love.

The three of them hash it out using West lyrics when out of no where, Ribisi interrupts to ask Biel, “Tell me, do you think about me now and then?” Cranston has everyone break character when he busts out a Drake lyric from “Hotline Bling.”

Eventually, the three guys utilize West’s song “Gold Digger” and realize that maybe a prenup is a good idea here.

The scene is hilarious start to finish and brings us the beauty of music, celebs and laughter! And we think Kanye would appreciate the homage.