Madison Vanderberg
Updated Dec 21, 2017 @ 11:50 am

Kanye West, generally speaking, hides from the public and like, never smiles — which is why these Kanye West Kardashian Christmas card sightings are throwing us for a loop. Writing this as someone who loves Yeezy, I know that he smiles all the time. He smiles when he eats ice cream, he smiles when he talks about his wife, he smiles when he hangs with friends. But those moments seem few and far between.

On Day 16 of the Kardashian Christmas advent, Kanye made his first appearance. In the photo he looked straight into the lens with zero detection of a smile. On Day 18 Kanye lifted North into the air and smiled. Today, December 21st, Kim Kardashian revealed “The West Family” portion of the card. In it, Kanye is back to his serious gaze, but so is Kim, so that’s cool?

Not only is rare Kanye a sight to behold, but his appearance in the calendar makes him the only adult male (so far) to show up. Kim told James Corden on The Late Late Show that the theme of the calendar this year is moms and their kids. Apparently, now that theme is moms, kids, and Kanye West (?). Khloé’s baby’s father Tristan Thompson is not featured. Kris Jenner’s longterm boyfriend Corey Gamble isn’t there. No Rob Kardashian either.

So that leaves Kanye as the defacto “dude” in the Kardashian matriarchy.

Can we address the real elephant in the room? Where is Kylie Jenner?

Kylie has yet to appear in any of the 21 photos. The major fan theory is that Kylie (and her rumored baby bump) will make an appearance on Day 25 of the family’s advent…because it would be weird to do a family photo shoot and never include Kylie. Since Khloé finally announced her pregnancy on Instagram, it feels (for us, at least) like it’s time for Kylie to do the same.

While we love a happy Kanye appearance, we’re really just waiting for the Day 25 reveal.