Karen Belz
December 01, 2016 7:28 am
Paul Natkin / Archive Photos / Getty Images

Have you been worried about Kanye? We get it. When a musician cuts a tour short and exhibits scary health concerns, we all get a little nervous. Thankfully, Kanye West has officially been released from the hospital, which means that he’s on a good path right now.

People reports that West was discharged from UCLA Medical Center, where he had been staying since November 21st. That means that West pretty much celebrated Thanksgiving under constant supervision.

While there are still a bunch of questions surrounding his stay (and hey, medical matters should be personal) it’s been said that he was officially diagnosed with sleep deprivation and exhaustion — and it makes sense, based on the year he’s had.

 Not only has West been touring heavily, but he’s likely still dealing with the stress and aftermath of his wife’s unfortunate robbery earlier this year. And sure — North and Saint might be sweethearts, but fatherhood is a full time job in itself.

The best source to ask? Family. Kendall Jenner seemed optimistic on West’s condition during a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight.

It’s questionable as to whether or not West will return to his tour, but we’re hoping that he takes some time for himself to rest and recuperate with his family. Without a doubt, his shows will go back to being sold out once he’s ready to continue forward.