Kenya Foy
September 19, 2016 7:33 am
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

This weekend saw a huge moment in the world of social media. No, we didn’t stumble upon another hidden Facebook inbox and Twitter still doesn’t have an edit button (argh), but, brace yourselves: Kanye West joined Instagram. Who knows what prompted this move (Did Kim convince him?) but we totally expect there to be big things poppin’ on Yeezy’s IG.

Followers might get a glimpse at West’s rants – er, creative process, or maybe he’ll post a ton of selfies with North and Saint. That said, our guesses aren’t exactly aligned with Kanye’s first Instagram post:

OK, so a few things that are so Kanye about his Instagram. First off, as Gizmodo points out, the above photo is actually a screenshot from the movie Total Recall (Don’t ask. We’re just as clueless as you are). Also, there’s no caption which reads rather strange because we all know West is a man of many words. While he has amassed almost 900,000 followers (and counting), he’s yet to follow anyone yet — not even his wife. Finally, he has yet to post a profile pic but the account is verified, so we know it’s real.

But who expected West’s Instagram to be predictable? Absolutely no one. And judging by this tweet, no one will tell him what/when/where/why/how to post:

Again, is anyone surprised?

Right…Well, we’re looking forward to seeing what West brings to Instagram, but we know one thing’s for sure: Yeezy joining Instagram certainly won’t help us get over our social media addiction.