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Well, this is some bizarre news. You know how Kanye digs controversy? Well, he just said something pretty controversial, because Kanye West said he would’ve voted for Donald Trump. Yeah, our eyebrows are raised, too. We really don’t know how to feel about Kanye saying he’d vote for Trump. Do we believe him or not? Is this an elaborate ruse?

According to People, Kanye said he wouldn’ve voted for Trump at a concert in California yesterday. He said,

He continued the statement, saying,

Welp. Is Kanye just messing with us, or would he seriously have voted for Trump? Considering that it seemed like Kim Kardashian was voting for Trump, we really don’t know what to think.

He explained… sort of. So, why would Kanye say he’d vote for Trump? He explained,

So we sort of know why Kanye said he would’ve voted for Trump. But only sort of. It definitely seems like Kanye was just trying to make a point about how divided people are over politics right now, something that is totally justified given the state of our country. So maybe this was half joke, half political statement on Kanye’s part. Or maybe he just really digs Trump.

When it comes to why Kanye said he would’ve voted for Trump, only he knows the truth, and TBH, we’re pretty okay with that.

After all, his opinions are his own, and, while we’re always curious about what celebs like Kanye and Kim think about politics, our political views don’t begin and end with celebs, no matter how fun their opinions are to muse over!