Karen Belz
Updated January 03, 2017

Sweet Dee has a lot of good things going on right now. Kaitlin Olson appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show for the first time, and had a bunch of fun topics to chat about. While she was on to promote her brand new series, The Mick, fans of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia will also be able to see her in a brand new season that’s set to air tomorrow, January 4th.

If you haven’t caught The Mick, Olson not only stars as the lead character, Mackenzie Murphy, but she also works behind the scenes as an executive producer. The show is centered around how her character deals with the role of “parental guardian,” with little prep time.

Olson worked with DeGeneres in Finding Dory, so the two caught up just like old friends during Olson’s appearance.

We’re pretty much cracking up throughout the entire segment. For one, we love that Olson embraces the fact that she’s a little bit accident prone. Without any shame.

We also think it’s pretty endearing that she broke her back in such an unusual way.

Still, it’s pretty cool that she found the experience to be comical. She took a negative and turned it into a positive, which is so incredible.

Olson also talked about the newest addition to her household — a French bulldog named Luke.

Also, he snores — and the video of Luke and husband Rob McElhenney snuggling and sleeping together, with the snoring documented, is just adorable.

He’s obviously no Poppins.


But, he comes pretty close.

We already can’t wait until Kaitlin Olson’s next time on The Ellen DeGeneres Show — she’s an amazing storyteller and such an incredible guest!