Kacey Musgraves Rocked Disco Brows to Announce Her New Album

TikTok's power is unmatched.

Surprise! Kacey Musgraves has a new album (and a film) on the way called Starcrossed, and not only did she announce it with an epic teaser, but she was rocking a major TikTok trend while she did it. Her rhinestone bejeweled eyebrows might have been only a sliver of the overall experience (and yes, the trailer is an experience), but they were a stellar beauty moment.

The trailer, which Musgraves posted to her Instagram account on August 23rd, shows the singer walking toward the camera in a high-low, white silk wedding gown complete with sky-high platform heels, and a veil. Yes, that sounds like enough to make jaws drop on its own, but when the camera zooms in on her face, viewers get a look at completely rhinestoned eyebrows.

Musgraves’ natural brows appear to have been blocked (the process by which eyebrows are covered using glue and powder) and are instead replaced with two perfectly arched sets of rhinestones. Given the bold impact of the brows, the rest of her makeup remained neutral with a soft brown eye and dusty lip.

Musgraves’ brows aren’t a brand new concept, though. They’re part of a larger TikTok trend taking brows to colorful, bejeweled new heights. Content creators like Megs Cahill have used the term “disco brows,” to describe the trend, and Musgraves is just one of the most recent celebrities to try it.

In their latest music video for new single “Melon Cakes,” Demi Lovato rocks a similar look wearing golden jewels over their natural brows courtesy of makeup artist Etienne Ortega. Lizzo has also worn the trend going with a pink iteration on Instagram created by makeup artist Alexx Mayo (after she bleached her brows, that is).

While the makeup artist behind Musgraves’ disco brows has yet to be revealed, here’s hoping for more bejeweled brows in the future and more major beauty looks from the singer when Starcrossed drops September 10th.

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