Just when we thought Canada’s prime minister couldn’t possibly get any cooler (just kidding: We didn’t actually think that), Justin Trudeau wore Star Wars socks to meet the Irish prime minister. We’re guessing it was one of those situations where your bosses won’t allow you to take the day off work to celebrate an unofficial holiday, so you decide to commemorate it on the clock. As a die-hard Star Wars fan, Trudeau wasn’t going to allow a little meeting with another world leader to stop him from publicly acknowledging May 4th, aka Star Wars Day.

Because he knew we would be Googling our little hearts out for a close-up look at this awesome pair of socks, Trudeau shared a photo of the brightly colored Star Wars socks on his social media accounts.

The internet is losing it over the fact that Trudeau is such an unapologetic Star Wars fan, but then again, when isn’t the ‘net completely melting over something the popular Canadian prime minister does?

Short answer? Never. false

This isn’t his first time showing off his Star Wars sock collection. Get into these Storm Troopers socks Trudeau recently wore to greet a group of children.

So yeah, we owe many thanks to Trudeau for continuing to give us countless reasons to swoon, but mostly for making us aware of the fact that even buttoned-up government officials can totally enjoy Star Wars Day and handle their professional duties at the same time.