P. Claire Dodson
March 04, 2017 12:22 pm
Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

On Friday night, Justin Timberlake threw his wife Jessica Biel a birthday party. But not just any birthday party — Justin Timberlake threw a throwback roller skating birthday party, which every 8-year-old knows is the best kind.

So, what does one wear to a throwback roller skating birthday party, you ask? Well, Timberlake is here to show you. He donned a very patriotic outfit that included a white T-shirt, an American flag print jacket, denim cutoffs, stars and stripes socks, and skates. And of course, he accessorized with a red, white, and blue fanny pack and a yellow hat.

Justin and Jessica wore matching T-shirts that said, “Make America Skate Again.”

In a post on Instagram, Timberlake skates in slow-motion past the camera while a shiny, disco-suited person beckons him forward. We can assume he proceeded to skate the night away.

Jessica shared a photo showing that she went for a more fashionable look, pairing her tee with bell-bottom flares.

Birthdays are clearly one of Timberlake’s areas of expertise.

Earlier on Friday, he posted an Instagram of him kissing Biel’s cheek. The caption basically made us cry sweet, sweet tears.

The two have been having a pretty good week after attending the Oscars looking absolutely stunning.  Though Timberlake didn’t win Best Original Song for “Can’t Stop The Feeling,” we’re sure Biel is still proud of him. And Biel has her own projects to be proud of coming down the pike, starring in two new movies coming out this year, The Sinner and Shock and Awe.

No matter what they’re working on, these two seem as in love as they were when they first got together in 2007. In January, Biel told James Corden that she knew super early on that she and Timberlake would get married.