Trilby Beresford
Updated August 01, 2016
YouTube/Calysta Bevier

On a regular basis, Justin Timberlake gives us reasons to love him. Remember that time he got real about fatherhood, and finally dropped the summer song we’ve all been waiting for?

Well, now he’s gone and made us super proud all over again by giving an inspirational speech at the Teen Choice Awards.

In case you didn’t catch it live, Timberlake was a big winner that night—he won the Decade Award (a first-ever for the show), honoring the ten year anniversary of his smash hit album, Futuresex/Lovesounds.

The award also recognized all of Timberlake’s many achievements in music and film, which there are too many to count. It was basically a lifetime achievement award, even though Timberlake is only 35!

He looked speechless and giggly as he accepted the award, but spoke warmly about how his parents filled his young mind with “compassion and love,” and went on to talk about the values they instilled in him from an early age, “They taught me to respect, respect myself and respect all people on the basis of their character.”

To this day, Timberlake says that he chooses to make music and spend his time with a diverse group of good people who “help each other along the way.”

On that note, he urges the young people of today to “be part of the solution, not the problem. Don’t waste your 20s… be nice to your parents – I hope my son watches this one day.”

According to Justin Timberlake, this is what we must all do (no pressure!) to be the best versions of ourselves: “Go out, do the impossible and go on and become the greatest generation yet.”

You can watch his entire speech here.