Justin Timberlake on the red carpet
Credit: VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images

We know Justin Timberlake is a great dad. He has spoken about how becoming a father totally changed his music career. He loves to post sweet pics of his son Silas to Instagram. And now, after a seriously amazing photo, we know he is supportive of his son’s artistic sensibilities AND that Justin Timberlake can rock a pair of toddler-crafted glasses.

That’s what JT captioned the photo of the couture AF glasses he had balanced on his face. This seems like a great fate to be had. We are wholly embracing #dadlife.

What a cutie!

It also seems like Silas may have inherited some of his parents artistic talents. The colorful (and spiky!) glasses demonstrate a grasp on color scheme and basic design. We’re pretty impressed. Could we have a future designer on our hands?

No matter what Silas grows up to be, it is pretty clear that Justin will always support him. Last weekend for Father’s Day, Timberlake posted a photo collage of his wife Jessica Biel and his son. He also wrote a really sweet caption that expressed all the love in his heart for his family.

It’s not unusual for the proud papa to post about his son, but this outpouring of love form one of our fave celebs turned our hearts to mush. Silas is a lucky little dude! We can’t wait to see Justin and Jessica sporting future designs from their tiny eyewear enthusiast. #Dadlife? More like #radlife.