Welcome to the month of May! Of course, it’s not official until you see the infamous Justin Timberlake “May” meme floating around on Facebook. If you’re a little confused (or perhaps, just weren’t a teen in the ’90s and early 2000’s) here’s a little bit of backstory.

The year? 2000. The band? ‘N Sync. Even if you know him best as a solo artist (and actor, and all around nice guy) Timberlake got his start with the popular boy band. One of their biggest hits was “It’s Gonna Be Me,” which many of us blasted while trying to get over our high school crushes.

Timberlake over-accentuates at some point, making his “me” sound a little like — well — May. Thus, a meme was born.

It’s a harmless and fun way to welcome the new month, and usually pops up annually like a spring flower near the end of April.

But even better, Timberlake himself has a sense of humor about it. Really — he could very easily ignore it, and go on with his life. But this year, he proved that he’s in on the joke.

On May 1st, Timberlake tweeted the following:

And needless to say, his fans absolutely loved it.


So, what can we figure out from this exchange? Well, obviously it reiterates the fact that Timberlake is amazing. Not like we needed any more proof.