Steph Barnes
August 01, 2017 9:52 am

When he isn’t saving lives on the golf course or single-handedly trying to bring sexy back, Justin Timberlake is singing praises to Jessica Biel’s many accomplishments. Timberlake took to Instagram on Monday, July 31st, to share the trailer of his wife’s latest project — a new crime drama series entitled The Sinner.

The pop star captioned the trailer, “Ok, I know I’m not exactly fair and maybe biased here, but my wife’s new show – @thesinnerusa – is amazing. It’s like nothing I’ve seen her in before, and she’s incredible in the role. You should check it out when it premieres Wednesday on USA. —JT.”

While Justin might definitely be a little biased, we certainly aren’t, and we think Biel’s new show looks fantastic!

The Sinner is based on a novel written by Petra Hammesfahr and tells the story of Cora (played by Biel) a young mother living in upstate New York who commits a seemingly random act of violence against a stranger. The series follows Cora and her inner struggle as viewers attempt to decipher the motive for her crime. “I just did it. And I don’t know why,” a blood-soaked Cora says in the trailer.

During a recent appearance on the Today show, Jessica said, ”We are not looking for who, we are looking for why. Why did this seemingly normal young woman who has a family and a child and husband, why did she do this horrific act? We all as human beings have the possibility to snap and we don’t do it. But what makes us cross the line?”

Jessica also told that she didn’t know where she’d be without Justin and their adorable son while filming the super dark subject matter.

Justin and Jessica are definitely our main #relationshipgoals right now. But more importantly, we’re looking forward to finding out what happens to Cora. The Sinner premieres on USA on Wednesday, August 2, at 10 p.m. ET.