Johnni Macke
April 04, 2017 11:49 am
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Well, this is exciting news, Justin Theroux is open to writing a role for Jennifer Aniston! Yes, Aniston could be coming back to TV someday thanks to her husband.

Aniston will forever be Rachel Green to Friends fans, but just because the 48-year-old actress was such an iconic TV character doesn’t mean she’d never do another TV series.

In fact, her husband, Theroux is a current TV star on HBO’s The Leftovers, and the two of them have talked about teaming up to make Aniston’s TV comeback a reality.

Don’t get too excited, because nothing is set in stone…at least not yet.

On Monday, during The Leftovers press junket, Theroux revealed that he is currently focusing on writing.

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“Right now I’m actually going to be focused on writing,” Theroux told told Entertainment Tonight online. “So I have a few things that I’ve actually already written that I’m tweaking and retooling and another thing I want to write.”

Since the 45-year-old actor’s wife has said in the past that a TV return isn’t out of the question, Theroux is open to helping her get back. In fact, he revealed that since Aniston is open to working on a premium cable network, and he’s focusing on writing, they could do something together.

Even though he’d have to write the perfect role, the Washington D.C. native hasn’t ruled it out. This is great news for fans of both Theroux and Aniston.

“But yeah, it would be fantastic if we were able to do something together,” he added.

Of course it would be great for this happy couple to work together. Especially since Theroux already has a few big writing credits to his name including Iron Man 2 and Tropic Thunder.

With Theroux’s past writing success and Aniston’s TV fame of Friends living on, this really could be perfect.

We love seeing the Girl on the Train actor on screen and his wife in movies. That being said, we’re voting for a TV collab ASAP!