Lily Rose
April 01, 2017 12:21 pm

Continuing to prove that celebrities are not, actually, “just like us,” Justin Theroux revealed he did something strange. At a celebration for his wife Jennifer Aniston’s birthday, Theroux did NOT put candy in the piñata. What?

In what sounds like an otherwise stunning birthday trip to Cabo, Mexico, Theroux had a special celebration for Aniston that included a fun trip, a nice dinner and a festive piñata. Only the piñata did not get broken. Because it was candy-less. And probably only for decoration.

Theroux joked with E! News as he divulged that his Smart-Water drinking, Aveeno-lotion-moisturizing wife does not, in fact, “eat candy” like us pleebs. We guess she doesn’t get that shiny hair and silky skin by sitting around snacking on Tootsie Rolls all day—but dang, not even on her birthday?

Although, when the interviewer joked that Jen’s husband could have filled it with diamonds, it got us thinking…

What would Jennifer Aniston want spilling out of a piñata?

We already know she is well-moisturized and hydrated, so water and lotion are probably out. She does seem to love Living Proof products, so perhaps a piñata full of hair care would suffice.

Although she did leave that brand last year, so maybe filling it with every season of Friends would have been a better idea. Remember when she used to do ads for Emirates Airlines? Her husband could have stuffed it silly with tickets!

But Theroux seemed pretty happy with his piñata prop. He even joked with the interviewer that he should’ve brought it to a kid’s party to depress some 10-year-olds. But filled with candy or stuffed with kale, the really important thing is that Theroux knows his ladylove.

Knowing exactly what she does or doesn’t like? That’s the best birthday gift of all.