Karen Belz
Updated Feb 01, 2017 @ 5:00 pm
Credit: NBC

When you’ve pretty much grown up in front of the public eye, sometimes it’s nice to have a little time for yourself. That’s why we’re kind of relieved that Justin Bieber said that he’s single, and not looking for a relationship right now. Since he’s pretty much on a path of shedding his bad image, and emerging as a true musician, we think that it’s best if he did this solo.

Bieber went on his good pal Ellen DeGeneres’s show in a segment which will be airing today, and discussed his love life in a bit more in detail.

“I’m not seeing anybody,” Bieber noted. “I’m not really looking, either.”

DeGeneres, who has met up with Bieber on her show 26 times (yes, 26!) agreed that this is probably a smart move for him.

For the record, Bieber also admitted that dating apps, like Tinder, just weren’t for him.

You can watch the segment here:

Now, of course, sometimes love can blossom at unexpected moments, but having Bieber not prioritize romance right now will only do wonders.

As we all know, he had a pretty intense relationship with Selena Gomez that kept the two on the tabloids for some time, and took attention away from both of their incredible talents. (Seriously — girl can sing.)

Bieber was most recently linked to Sofia Richie, but the two seemingly parted on pretty good terms.

While on the show, Bieber also announced a huge stadium tour, which is a pretty big deal for the artist. We’re so excited by everything Justin Bieber has in store for 2017, and know he’ll be able to prove that can accomplish so much on his own!