Trilby Beresford
March 02, 2017 10:31 am

We’re still finding it hard to believe that the Biebs is 23 years old (because that means we’ve been enjoying his music for over 10 years already), but he IS, and yesterday we fell in love even more when Bieber vowed to be a ‘better man’ on his birthday. For a guy who has everything and could get whatever tangible item he wished for, striving for self-improvement is way mature and says a lot about his character.

Anyway, speaking of his birthday, Bieber celebrated in style and posted a great snap on Instagram — he’s taking the ATV world by storm! And he’s getting some serious height.

Whoa. That’s a Mad Max maneuver right there!

via giphyGiven Bieber’s athleticism, maybe an action movie could happen one day? Come on, he’s confident and capable of anything.

via giphySeriously though, it’s great to see Bieber having fun and letting loose a little, because his tour and recording schedule are obviously completely insane most of the time. By the looks of things, he enjoyed his special day surrounded by a group of friends. Loving that bleached blonde hair BTW.

This year is going to be big on the music front, as Bieber heads to Australia this week to kick off his eight-month Purpose tour. He was nominated for four Grammy’s, and it’s so utterly well deserved.

Happy birthday (again) Justin, and we wish you the best of the best on your quest to be ‘better’ (although you are clearly already the best in our eyes). What a guy!

More action pics? Just, you know, if you have time on the tour bus.