Trilby Beresford
February 15, 2017 7:54 am

Some people were blissfully coupled up on Valentine’s Day, and that’s great. But some of us (aka, a lot of us) were rocking the single life yesterday — celebrating with friends, family, or on our couches with Netflix (as in, the best way). Some of us even posted about our singleship on social media.

In fact, Justin Bieber posted a “sad” Valentine’s Day video on Instagram. (Except, it wasn’t actually sad at all.)

ICYMI, Biebs returned to Insta. And luckily he’s been posting up a storm, obviously aware that we need our fix. And his latest video (reposted by a fan, but no longer on Justin’s account fyi) finds him quoting one of our favorite comedies of all time….

Figured out what the movie is yet?

via giphyYup, Dumb and Dumber! CLASSIC.

And wait, there’s more endearingly moody Bieber where that came from.

We love how Biebs clearly isn’t taking V-Day all that seriously, and is totally able to poke a little fun at himself. (Side note: Justin, we’ll TOTALLY be your Valentine and we are 100% serious. We don’t even care that the holiday is technically over. We won’t tell if you don’t!).

via giphy 

But in all seriousness, Bieber has a lot to be excited about in the year ahead — single or not. He started off 2017 with four Grammy nominations, and his Purpose tour is going full speed ahead. So, let’s all collectively tell this face that everything is gonna be more than okay.

Because it really is. Here for you always and forever, Justin!