Olivia Harvey
August 03, 2017 7:58 am

Many fans were disappointed when Justin Bieber announced he was cancelling the remainder of his “Purpose World Tour” due to “unforeseen circumstances,” as the initial press release stated. Now those fans are getting some clarity thanks to an open apology letter Bieber wrote explaining his decision to cancel the tour.

Bieber posted the personal letter on Instagram in an effort to lessen the blow of the almost two-year-tour cancellation. He began,

Before Bieber representatives announced the bad news, Bieber had just been banned from performing in China. He was also dealing with flack after he refused to perform his section of “Despacito,” and was accused to lip-syncing at his Mumbai concert.

Perhaps these problems arose because Bieber is physically and mentally exhausted from the tour, which began in early 2016. Or perhaps he’s just a normal human, dealing with stuff. Bieber wrote,

“I am extremely blessed to have people in the past few years help me build my character back up reminding me of who I am and who I want to be!!!,” he continued in his letter. “Reminding me my past decisions and past relationships don’t dictate my future decisions and future relationships.”

Ultimately, Bieber has accepted that he’s not going to be perfect and is okay with making mistakes. He wants to learn from said mistakes and grow to be better man.

Making the decision to cancel his tour to preserve his career’s sustainability is incredibly noble. Bieber realized he needs to take a step back and regain his energy in order to actually work in the longterm.

Although he writes that he isn’t expecting anyone to understand, we totally get where he’s coming from. You do you, Justin. We’re behind you 100%.