Sarah Terry
Updated Dec 26, 2016 @ 10:12 am
Credit: James Devaney / Getty

There’s nothing quite like a solid night of mother-daughter bonding. Because who knows you better than your mom? She’s seen you at your best and worst, so it’s important to spend a little time with your number one fan.

Just ask Julianne Moore’s daughter Liv, who hit up a basketball game with her mom this weekend, and clearly had a blast. Oh, and did we mention that Julianne and Live are basically twins, and together they’re the cutest ever? Liv is fourteen years old, and the stunning redhead is the spitting image of her mom. On Christmas Day, the family went out to Madison Square Garden to watch an NBA game, and they were twinning so hard the whole game.

Just look how similar Julianne Moore and daughter look as they watch the New York Knicks play.

Credit: James Devaney / Getty

Can you say twinsies? Liv and her mom share the exact same shade of stunning red hair, and their smiles are almost identical. These two together really light up the arena.

Julianne and Liv also clearly share a love of basketball.

Credit: James Devaney / Getty

They totally cheered together when the Knicks did something well!

And similarly, they reacted in sync when things went awry for the team.

Credit: James Devaney / Getty

Their identical hands to their face “oh no!” expressions are too sweet. We can see where Liv gets her sports fandom from. And their worries were warranted. The game turned out to be SUPER close, and the Knicks lost by only five points!

But regardless, it looks like mother and daughter had a fabulous time at the game together.

Credit: James Devaney / Getty

What a merry way to spend some mother-daughter time on Christmas Day!